Brilliant Solutions Co Ltd is a leader of IT solutions across the Eastern African Region bringing together a team...

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Telecom Services

Our strategy in the Telecom Services division is to strategically partner with our customers and commit to their unique needs...

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ICT Infrastructure

Brilliant Solutions is your solid choice for any ICT infrastructure related project. Be it an Enterprise-grade high end...

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Brilliant Solutions Co. Ltd. is a leader of IT solutions across the Eastern African Region bringing together a team of talented engineers and professionals to provide high quality service to our clients. We guarantee you that our skills, techniques and knowledge will provide the value added services you seek. We trust that our range of offerings represent excellent value for money whilst providing the skill, proficiency and expertise required in delivering a successful projects.


“To be one of the leading companies for the provision of agile innovative and integrative ICT & telecommunications solutions and services in Africa and the Middle East while committing to integrity, high quality services, agility and state of the art solutions.”

Our Mission

To engage with our customers by providing them with reliable technologies helping them to stay in the competitive edge of their businesses. To positively contribute to the welfare of the community through availing of job opportunities and abiding by best practice environmentally sustainable activities.

Our Core Values

Transparency, Integrity & Accountability Commitment to community development Adherence to Best Practice On Time delivery and response Innovation & Innovative Solutions “Collaborative” approach with customers, suppliers and partners Reliability Motivation, empowerment and teamwork. Safety Excellence