Brilliant Solutions Co Ltd is a leader of IT solutions across the Eastern African Region bringing together a team...

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Telecom Services

Our strategy in the Telecom Services division is to strategically partner with our customers and commit to their unique needs...

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ICT Infrastructure

Brilliant Solutions is your solid choice for any ICT infrastructure related project. Be it an Enterprise-grade high end...

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Wireless and Connectivity Solutions

Wires are becoming more and more obsolete and space consuming. Today most businesses  and infrastructures are relying mainly on wireless technology and solutions.
Brilliant Solutions has the experience and expertise to provide the necessary agility to your business by assessing and implementing the reliable wireless solution. Our scope of services is:

  • Point to Multipoint
  • Point to Point
  • Support for WISPs
  • Support for operators and Telcos
  • Eband backhauling solutions
  • WiMAX solutions
  • Wifi and Wifi Hotspots
  • Vsat Connectivity Solutions
  • Consultancy Services (RF Planning / Optimization, Link budgeting, etc.…)