Brilliant Solutions Co Ltd is a leader of IT solutions across the Eastern African Region bringing together a team...

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Customer Experience Solutions

We provide a specialized range of products and managed services to help streamline your business and enhance your cost efficiency...

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ICT Infrastructure

Brilliant Solutions is your solid choice for any ICT infrastructure related project. Be it an Enterprise-grade high end...

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Cloud Services

Businesses have become more agile and dynamic over the cloud. Cloud Services are resources or services provided on demand over the internet, be it Software as a service (Saas),Platform as a service (Paas), Infrastructure as a service (Iaas), Platform as a service (Paas) or Business Process as a service (BPaas). Brilliant Solutions offers a range of cloud and web services:

  • Call Canter as a Service (CAS)
  • Software as a service (Saas)
  • Infrastructure as a service (Iaas)
  • VPS & VPN solutions